Wheelchair and Passenger Restraints

Aries - Designed to clip into Volkswagen Caravelle Tracking
  • Combined Passenger and Wheelchair Restraint designed specifically to fit VW T5 Caravelle Rails
  • No vehicle modifications required
  • The tie down straps fit the majority of wheelchairs.  The occupant restraint is infinitely adjustable by simply pulling the appropiate amount of webbing from the retractors and is available in 3 point version.
- Crash tested to ISO10542 for wheelchairs up to 85kg PLUS occupant.
Combined Quattro Solo
  • Standard Quattro comes with very strong, sleek silver metal housing.
  • New dipped Karabiner hooks, specially coated to protect wheelchair frames.
  • Red webbing to provide high visibility.
  • Passenger restraint comprises of a reversable stalk that can rotate to fit either side of the vehicle and a sleek black housing reel with red and black webbings for high visibility purposes
  • Can be either 2 point or 3 point system.  (3 point system requires upper anchorage strap if required)
  • The third point position helps to provide added protection in case of an impact.
The quattro systems have been dynamically tested to sustain a wheelchair weight of up to 120kg.
NMI Restraints
  • Lap and Diagonal belts used to secure the occupent only
  • Easy to use
  • Designed to clip into low profile track
  • Upper belt must be used for 3 point mounting
  • 4 point webbings used to secure wheelchair